3D Printing for Art & Industry

In this series of classes, soon to be offered as a minor, the student will build the knowledge and skills required to digitally design objects for 3D printing and manufacture. It will also introduce students to the control and mechanical operation of 3D printers of different types and scales.

Learn an array of fabrication skills in the application of 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) for art and industry. This is not a series of hobby-craft classes, but instead a high-tech creative and industrial fabrication program. The prospective student should have an appetite to learn CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software as this is the foundation of all custom and specialized making and manufacturing.

The focus is on Eco-Innovation and Large Format 3D Printing of recyclable plastics and other sustainable materials like concrete. Upon completion of the courses the student will have developed a skill set, experience and portfolio to qualify for a range of 3D printing opportunities, launch a business, or begin a career in 3D Printing (Additive Design and Manufacturing)

Related areas of study and industry include: Business, Archaeology, Medicine, Anatomy, Arts and Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Education, Construction, Digital Design, and Manufacturing.



Fundamentals of 3D Modeling and Printing - IA 2220 (3)
Offered online T1 2020 and on the Troy Campus Fall 2020

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamental skills required to begin designing and printing using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Digital design terminology and techniques combined with an understanding of how 3D printers function will be delivered through a series of fundamental projects. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab.

Large Format 3D Printing of Sustainable Materials - IA 2230 (3)
Offered online T2 2020 and on the Troy Campus Spring 2021

Course Description: Utilizing sustainable materials like recycled plastics, concrete, and clay, this class will explore eco-innovative approaches to large format design and manufacturing including introduction to 3D scanning,scaling, and mesh modeling. Students may choose and Arts focus, an Industry focus, or a blend of the two. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab.

Prerequisite: IA 2220-Fundamentals

Constructive Disruption: Design Process and Workflow - IA 3320 (3)
Offered online T3 2021 and on the Troy Campus Fall 2021

Course Description: Students will learn to offer constructive disruptions applying innovative concept, design, and manufacturing workflows and communication. Continue building general knowledge and experience in 3D design and production. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab.

Prerequisite: IA 2230-Large Format Printing

Intermediate 3D Modeling and Generative Design - IA 3330  (3)
Offered online T4 2021 and on the Troy Campus Spring 2022

Course Description: Intermediate CAD skills and generative design will be taught and applied through hands-on or practical projects. Course will address the entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving processes, portfolio building, and preparation for internship. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab.

Prerequisite: IA 3320-Constructive Disruption

3D Design and Production Internship - IA 4498  (3)
Offered online T5 2021 and on the Troy Campus Summer 2022

Course Description: Students will identify or be partnered with a business or enterprise for internship to gain applied experience with the skill sets developed in these courses. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab.

Prerequisite: IA 3330-Intermediate 3D Modeling


WASP Hybrid Printer

WASP Large Format Printer

Modeling, Scanning, and Sculpture

Eco-Innovation and Printing Recycled Plastics

Printing Concrete

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