Pied Pipers

Hello Boys and Girls! We’re the Pied Pipers from Troy University and today we have some stories we’d like to share with you…

That simple invitation has been a clarion call to the delight of children, families, and a legion of our graduates.

The stories, including Sally the Skunk, Uncle Remus’ Tar Baby, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Bremen Town Musicians, Jack and the Beanstalk, Henny Penny, and everybody’s favorite, The Three Little Pigs— are all told with vivid, enthusiastic, colorful, highly physical, and very endearing characters. And they do it without scenery, props, or character costumes.

One mission of TROY’s Department of Theatre and Dance is to take live theatre to the youngest school students who might not otherwise be exposed to the art.

By invitation in 2012 the Pied Pipers performed in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Southeastern Theatre Conference, the largest theatre conference in the country. For more information contact Adena Moree, Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance.