TROY Repertory Dance Ensemble

The Troy Dance Repertory Ensemble (TDRE) is a group of elite dancers who have helped TROY UNIVERSITY kick off its dance minor, in the Department of Theatre and Dance. During this first year, TROY has begun with the best, presenting an ensemble of dancers who represent the program we are building; therefore, we are looking for well-trained dancers who are or have the potential to be quality performers.

The performances of the TROY DANCE REPERTORY ENSEMBLE include a variety of dance genres, focusing mainly on lyrical contemporary. Whereas most university dance program performances emphasize the core offerings of ballet and modern, TROY DANCE offers new variations on this tried and true combination. While TDRE members train extensively in Ballet and Contemporary, they perform equally most dance genres and are a versatile group.

TDRE travels as often as funding allows, performing when invited. One of the first universities to participate at major dance conventions like the Pulse and NUVO, the TDRE program keeps dancers in front of the best names in the dance industry.


Musical Theatre Ensemble & Studio

The Musical Theatre Ensemble is a select group of students who excel in and are committed to the musical theatre. The ultimate performer in this group is the triple threat, having skills in all three areas—vocals, dance, and acting and a strong desire and potential for professional casting.  Priority is also given to the developing musical theatre professional and though there is no set number for this group, an average number is 16 with a maximum number of 20.  Those cast in the MTE perform solos, group and ensemble pieces at various University and community events as well as play a significant role in recruiting.

The Musical Theatre Studio is a part of the ensemble’s training and development, with individual and group sessions related to repertoire, vocal-dance-acting development as well as the business of theatre and the professional world. All MTE cast members are expected to participate fully in the work of MT Studio.


Classical Ensemble

The Classical Theatre Ensemble is cast as a part of the Fall General Auditions in August of each year. Students who are cast in this ensemble have the opportunity to work on selected monologues and scenes from the Shakespeare canon, Greek drama, and Moliere for the upper level student.  Emerging professionals as well as the entering students are eligible for the one on one and group study offered in this ensemble.  Text work, voice, and movement are honed for the serious performer in the CTE.


Pied Pipers

Hello Boys and Girls! We’re the Pied Pipers from Troy University and today we have some stories we’d like to share with you. But first, let’s meet the Pied Pipers starting from my right…..Have you ever noticed sometimes people look just like animals? Look up on stage and see if you see any Pied Pipers who look like animals! Raise your hand and I’ll call on you.

The history of Troy University’s PIED PIPERS is legendary. A professional touring ensemble for twenty-five plus years under the direction of former Speech and Theatre chair and Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts, Dr. David Dye, the Pied Pipers performed for literally hundreds of thousands of elementary students across Alabama and the Southeast. Likened unto a finely crafted Moliere like ensemble, Pied Pipers had over sixty performances per year, but when the University converted to the semester system, the available time for touring was eliminated, and Fall 1998 tour was the last.

Looking for an appropriate unifying performance group for our Freshman Year Initiative, from 2006-2009 all freshmen actors and theatre education majors prepared the treasured stories and visited a local elementary school to perform.

Because the training so purposeful, significant, and specific for young actors, along with opportunities for those who are the very best children’s theatre performers, Professor Emeritus Dye and now Chair/Director of Theatre Adena Moree revived the professional Pied Pipers, and are touring again, delighting children with the likes of treasured stories such as Sally the Skunk, Henny Penny, The Tortoise and Hare, Jack and the Beanstalk, Tar Baby, The Bremen Town Musicians, and everybody’s favorite, The Three Little Pigs!

A Pied Piper answer to animal requests from the audience, no matter how difficult, is always, “Why, of course I can!” and of course this in itself is a wonderful learning experience for children of all ages. The Pied Pipers performed by invitation at the 2012 SETC Theatre for Youth Festival.